Hands on Session Run By Dr Nikhil Oberai & Manny Matharu

In today’s world, digital dentistry has evolved to include implant dentistry, backed by clinical principles and scientific evidence. The Osstem One guide keyless kit is a prime example of this evolution, having been proven to provide predictable results over the years. Osstem, which is now the most placed dental implant worldwide, is paving the way for research in this field, with a focus on understanding clinicians’ needs to achieve predictable outcomes in the digital world.

Clinical cases that have produced favorable results are often discussed with a hands-on element to demonstrate the use of stents and the manufacturing process. This is just one aspect covered by Osstem, which aims to equip clinicians with the tools and knowledge required to achieve predictable outcomes in digital dentistry.

This hands on covered the following subjects:

  • Guided Kits by OSSTEM – an introduction
  • Intraoral Scanning – an introduction (Hands-on)
  • Correct case selection and planning
  • Undertake data acquisition and merging of CBCT and model scans on SMOP (hands-on)
  • Plan implant cases using a restoratively driven approach with digital wax-ups (hands-on)
  • Learn how guided surgery can influence and enhance your implant treatment
  • Use the OSSTEM OneGuide Kit to place a fully-guided implant on models (hands-on)
  • Hands-on on SMOP so learn how to digitally place an implant and plan
  • Best principals on how to acquire good data from VOL/DICOM and STL’s from IOS or surface scanners

With the following learning objectives: 

  • Demonstrate critical understanding of Digital Dentistry workflow to get predictable results for Aesthetic Cases.
  • Understanding the limitations for Digital Dentistry
  • Understanding how hard and soft tissue affect the Digital dentistry workflow