Nik & Erik Dental implants Journey
Dental implants before and after 9

Treatment Solution

This lovely gentleman came to see me to have his mouth transformed. He had quite a few missing teeth and was very unhappy as he couldn’t eat very well. He didn’t like to wear a denture.

After going through the options he decided to go for a full mouth rehabilitation for the top and the bottom. We went through the process of discussing the treatment and after finalising the treatment plan. The treatment involved extractions of all the upper teeth and placement of implants on the same day. We then placed a temporary bridge on the same day, so he left the clinic on the same day with fixed teeth.

After a healing period of 12 weeks, we then started the design process of making his permanent teeth. After designing it, we did some try ins which the patient is over the moon, and now he has a fixed bridge at the top and a fixed bridge at the bottom.

He is over the moon with his new smile, and can’t wait to spend time with his grandkids and not having to worry about his teeth.

Eriks lab work