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Dental Implants before & after Cheshire 33

Treatment Solution

Mike had been struggling with dental problems for many years. His teeth were weak, and he had lost several of them due to cavities, gum disease and a few had snapped off as well leaving the roots in his mouth.

Mike found it hard to eat, smile, and even talk due to the embarrassment of his missing teeth and especially was concerned when spending time with his family, especially his grandchild,Timothy.

After doing some research on the internet, Mike visited Brunner Court Dental in Northwich, where he learned more about dental implants and how they could replace his missing teeth, giving him his smile and confidence back. He was apprehensive at first, but after hearing about the success rate of the procedure and reading reviews online, he decided to go ahead with the treatment plan.

He met with myself, and we went through the treatment in detail with him. CT scans were carried out in the planning phase and each step was explained to him in detail.

The procedure took a few months from start to finish to fully complete, but when it was done, Mike was amazed at the result. He was also very reassured every step of the way by myself and all staff members at the clinic.

The implant retained false teeth looked and felt like real teeth, and Mike could chew and speak without any difficulty. The new teeth were also easy to clean and maintain, which was a huge relief for him.

Mike’s newfound confidence in his smile was apparent, and he found himself smiling more often than ever before. He was able to eat his favourite foods again and even enjoyed going out with friends and family without feeling self-conscious about his teeth.

Mike was incredibly grateful for the dental implants and the positive impact they had on his life. He felt more confident and was able to enjoy life to the fullest without any dental-related worries. He recommended the procedure to anyone who had lost their teeth and like him was struggling to eat, smile, and talk.

In the end, Mike’s experience taught him the importance of taking care of his dental health and the positive impact it could have on his life. He was now a happy and confident man, thanks to his new implant retained false teeth and would recommend this treatment to anyone who is in a similar position.

Mike implant story
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