Dental implants provide a durable option to replace dentures, decayed, loose, or missing teeth, effectively restoring both functionality and self-assurance. Countless individuals in the UK have experienced life-altering transformations thanks to dental implants, especially those who have lost teeth due to various causes such as disease or trauma.

Dental implants have become a widespread solution in the UK, benefiting millions of individuals annually. These implants offer stability for replacement teeth while preserving the surrounding bone. Through a process known as osseointegration, the implant fuses with the bone, creating a solid integration. Various types of dental implants are available:

  1. Singular tooth implants: Used to replace a single missing tooth, a titanium screw is inserted into the jawbone as a substitute for the tooth’s root. A false tooth crown is then affixed to the implant, either through bonding or preferably a screw-retained crown.
  2. Multiple dental implants: When several adjacent teeth are missing, multiple dental implants can be connected by a bridge. Typically, two implants support a bridge that replaces three to four teeth.
  3. Implant-supported bridges: For multiple missing teeth, an implant-supported bridge consists of multiple prosthetic teeth attached to a bridge, creating a continuous arch of teeth implants.
  4. Implant-retained dentures: Held securely in place by dental implants screwed into the jawbone, implant-retained dentures offer improved stability compared to traditional dentures, although some degree of movement may still be present.
  5. Smile-in-a-day dental implants (also known as all-on-4, same day smile, and full jaw dental implants): These long-lasting dental implants provide a comprehensive solution for replacing loose, decayed, and missing teeth. In just one day, these implants are placed into the jaw, offering a full set of functional teeth.

Overall, dental implants offer a range of options for individuals seeking durable and transformative solutions to address tooth loss and related issues.

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How much do dental implants cost?

The cost of dental implants varies depending on the specific treatment and your individual needs. Here are the average prices for different types of dental implants:

  1. Individual tooth implants: The cost ranges from £2,550 to £3,350 per single restored implant.
  2. Multiple single tooth implants: The cost will be based on individual tooth implant prices, potentially with a discount for opting for multiple implants
  3. Implant-supported bridge: The final cost typically ranges from £5,900 to £12,000, depending on the size of the bridge and number of implants required.
  4. Implant-retained dentures: The cost ranges from £11,500 (for a single arch) to £19,500 for both the upper and lower jaws.
  5. All-on-four, all-on-six, or smile-in-a-day dental implants: Prices start at £11,500 for one jaw and ranges from £19,500 for both the upper and lower jaws.
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Tyler ChorleyTyler Chorley
18:52 15 May 23
What an amazing experience!!!!!After being knocked back so many times this company got me in straight away, I can not fault them.. if anyone has any worries concerns this company is the best place to go…. I suffer with major anxiety and social anxiety…. I was made to feel at ease immediately and the customer care / after care is amazing5 stars from me guys thank u so much for looking after me x
Emily LEmily L
18:50 15 May 23
An excellent service from this practice. Always a friendly welcome and pleasant experience. Friendly and professional staff who help put you at ease during treatments. I would recommend!
Nicola CooperNicola Cooper
15:08 10 May 23
Spoke to Kelly regarding whitening of my teeth and a chip in my front tooth that was really annoying me! She was BRILLIANT! Knew exactly what was needed to do with the minimal information I could give her, and gave me options for appointments that suited my diary! Honestly she was amazing. I saw Dimitrios and the work he has done makes such a huge difference! I would highly highly recommend Croft Dental Practice Wilmslow!
Peter SwinburnPeter Swinburn
16:58 14 Mar 23
The practice is now very well run and has recently undergone very extensive renovations.Theattention to detail by the owners, is second to none in every aspect of patient treatment and care.The Croft Dental Practice now possesses an exceptional and professional dentist, with anoutstanding backup team and my latest visits to the practice have produced an above level of care whilst completing treatment, coupled with sound advice from the team. I honestly canrecommend this practice highly, for all of the family. They get things done!
Dave TorrenceDave Torrence
13:59 09 Mar 23
I am quite anxious when I visit the dentist ,especially when I am having more than just a check up. I recently had a wisdom tooth removed by Dimitri and I couldn't thank him enough. His calm, relaxing and professional manner was very reassuring. Thanks again Dimitri.

Dental implant cost near me

Determining the most competitive price for a full set of dental implants can be challenging due to the variations in cost.

We prioritise personalized care by milling each bridge individually for every patient. This ensures maximum comfort and an exceptional fit for all dental implants.

We believe in transparency throughout the entire process, making it easy for you to understand what is included in the dental implant price. During your complimentary consultation, we encourage you to ask any questions you may have regarding the cost of dental implants. We are committed to being completely transparent and upfront about our pricing.

To learn more, you can explore our pricing and finance options or reach out to our patient coordinators at the clinics. We are here to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your dental implant procedure.

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Dr Nikhil Oberai has extensive experience in offering smile-in-a-day dental implants. Not only transforming patients smiles with this treatment, but also training other dentists in the art of full mouth restorations.

The smile-in-a-day procedure offers a lasting solution for individuals dealing with issues such as dentures, loose or decayed teeth, as well as missing or failing teeth. In just one day, our skilled & friendly team can provide you with a complete set of dental implants, transforming your smile and restoring your oral health.

Same days Northwich & Wilmslow

Patient Transformations

We are proud to showcase the real-life transformations of our dental implant patients. Take a look at a selection of their before and after images below. Simply slide the images across to view more inspiring results.

  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 9
  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 8
  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 7
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  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 4
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  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 9
  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 8
  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 7
  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 6
  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 5
  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 4
  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 3
  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 2
  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 1

Our dental implant treatment is focused on restoring our patients’ smiles to a healthy and functional state. We prioritize long-term solutions and do not offer temporary dentures. Instead, we create a custom-designed, milled, and screw-retained prosthetic specifically tailored to each individual.

Thanks to our exceptional clinic setup and in-house laboratories, we can complete the entire treatment process in a single day. This means that you can leave our clinic with a brand new “smile-in-a-day,” having received the comprehensive treatment, prosthetic design, and fitting all within the same day.

The benefits of dental implants

Dental implants offer numerous advantages. If you opt for a single tooth implant, it can seamlessly blend with your natural teeth, remaining virtually undetectable. In the case of multiple dental implants, they can be designed to match your existing teeth, providing both enhanced confidence and functionality.

With our smile-in-a-day solution, you can experience the following benefits:

  1. Life-changing solution: Our treatment empowers you with the confidence to not only smile freely but also enjoy the ability to eat your favorite foods without restrictions.
  2. Restoration of real teeth function: Our full jaw fixed solution helps you regain the functionality of “real teeth” while restoring a natural face shape by simulating bone growth, thereby improving facial aesthetics.
  3. Accurate tooth simulation and comfort: Our solution ensures precise replication of tooth appearance and a comfortable feel, resembling your natural teeth.
  4. Customised and comprehensive solution: Our team designs, manufactures, and implants a completely bespoke solution at our clinics, tailored specifically to your needs.
  5. Expert team: Our dedicated team comprises highly experienced and specialized technical engineers, clinicians, lab technicians, nurse practitioners, patient coordinators, and receptionists. Their expertise ensures the provision of high-quality service at all times.

By choosing our dental implant services, you gain access to a transformative solution and a committed team focused on delivering exceptional results.

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What happens before I can get dental implants?

If you’re searching for the best dental implants near where you live (or work), specifically for smile-in-a-day, all-on-4 dental implants, you’ve come to the right place. After discussing the benefits and cost of our dental implants, you may wonder what happens before undergoing the surgery. Here’s an overview:

  1. Free Consultation: Once you request a free consultation, we will invite you to one of our clinics for a complimentary consultation. If you are traveling from a distance, we can arrange accommodation for you in one of our partner hotels near the clinic.
  2. Detailed Assessment: During the consultation, we will address any questions or concerns you may have. We will then conduct a comprehensive assessment of your medical and dental history.
  3. Treatment Plan and Cost Options: Following the assessment, we will provide you with an individualised treatment plan, including various cost options. We offer 0% finance options as well. You will receive this plan to take home and review at your convenience. Our patient coordinators are available to assist you and answer any further questions you may have.

When you’re ready to proceed, you can reach out to us, and we will guide you through the next steps of your dental implant journey.

What happens on the day of the surgery?

Congratulations on deciding to proceed with our smile-in-a-day dental implants! You’ve made an excellent choice. We prioritise your comfort on the day of surgery. When you arrive at one of our two treatment clinics located in Wilmlsow, or Northwich, you will be greeted in the morning and escorted to your private patient suite.

Feel free to bring a partner or friend along to stay with you throughout the day. Our attentive nurses will be available to address any concerns or questions you may have.

Shortly after settling in, any remaining teeth will be extracted, and the dental implants will be placed. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and sedation is also available as an option (that will be discussed with you beforehand). We will also conduct bite calculations and take impressions. Your personalised prosthesis will be manufactured on the same day while you relax in your private patient suite.

Later in the day, your smile-in-a-day dental implants will be placed. These implants will remain in your mouth for a few weeks, allowing time for proper integration and healing. You will then return to the clinic for the final fitting of your prosthesis, ensuring an optimal result and a comfortable fit.

During this healing period, our team will monitor your progress to ensure successful integration and address any additional needs or concerns that may arise. We are committed to providing you with exceptional care throughout the entire process.

Why choose us for dental implants?

Dr Nikhil Oberai’s expertise lies in the highly specialised field of dental implants, and he also trains other dentists in the art of placing & restoring dental implants.

With our treatment clinics located in Northwich & Wilmslow, we offer convenient access to our services. Additionally, we have partnered with hotels near our clinics for your convenience.

What sets us apart is our state-of-the-art advanced technology. This allows us to deliver exceptional results and provide you with a brand new ‘smile-in-a-day’ using our customised dental implant solutions. With our integrated approach, we ensure seamless coordination between the surgical and laboratory teams, guaranteeing the highest standard of care and efficiency.

You can trust our experienced professionals to deliver outstanding outcomes and transform your smile with our innovative dental implant solutions.