Experience our smile-in-a-day treatment, a long-lasting solution for replacing dentures, loose, rotten, missing, or failing teeth. Our dental implant solution provides you with a full set of implants in just one day, ensuring a confident and functional smile that lasts. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of traditional dentures and embrace the transformative power of dental implants.

The Dental Implants Solution

  • Pre-maxilla, Pre-mandible & Pterygoid implants

  • 10-12 Lower Teeth

  • 10-12 Upper Teeth

  • Fixed permanent teeth in one day of treatment

  • 4-6 Teeth Shades

  • 4-6 Implants Per Jaw

Our dental implant solution stands out as a unique rehabilitation treatment tailored to address challenging dental situations. With the advantage of our purpose-built clinic, our specialised team can utilise pterygoid implants to support full jaw implant prosthetics. This approach allows us to restore your smile with a personally designed, one-piece, screw-retained prosthesis that eliminates the need for bone grafting and is customised to fit you perfectly.

Unlike the more conventional “denture conversion” method commonly employed in general dental practices, we take a different approach. We design and manufacture a bespoke solution that is not only comfortable and durable but also offers a range of benefits:

  • Life-changing treatment, restoring your ability to eat and smile confidently
  • A comprehensive solution for the entire jaw, restoring function, maintaining a natural face shape, and enhancing aesthetics
  • Accurate tooth simulation, long-term durability, and a comfortable sensation akin to real teeth
  • An individualised approach, with our clinicians and technicians combining their expertise to create a solution specifically for you
  • Preservation of healthy bone without the need for grafting, ensuring optimal oral health

We are dedicated to providing you with a unique and superior dental implant experience that improves your quality of life and oral well-being.

Experience the complete and functional rehabilitation of your entire jaw or both jaws with our fixed teeth on full jaw implants, all accomplished in just one day. As this is an advanced procedure, it is important to have an understanding of what to expect.

The process involves the placement of 4-6 dental implants to securely hold a custom dental bridge in place, providing a fixed full-jaw restoration.

If you choose the same day treatment, your permanent prosthetic, customised to your unique specifications, will be fitted on the same day.

Depending on your individual needs, you will receive your initial prosthetic on the same day, and the final prosthetic will be fitted after a 16-week period. This allows for any necessary refinements between the first and final sets of fixed teeth.

Throughout the entire process, there is no need for temporary dentures.

Our fixed teeth are digitally designed by skilled technicians and clinicians. Each prosthetic is meticulously hand-finished to ensure an exact fit that complements your facial structure.

The result is a fixed full jaw reconstruction that is meticulously designed and executed, aiming to closely resemble your natural dentition both clinically and technically.

All of our solutions offer the convenience of having fixed teeth fitted on the same day as your surgery. In a single procedure, your existing teeth are gently removed, and your jawbone is thoroughly cleaned and shaped. We use specially designed titanium dental implants from renowned experts, which are carefully inserted into the jaw. To ensure precise placement, we utilise state-of-the-art technology, known for its exceptional accuracy. This guarantees a precise fit of your dental prosthetics that is unmatched.

Our skilled digital technicians use advanced software to custom design your unique dental prosthesis. This design is then machine-manufactured and meticulously finished by hand. This streamlined process eliminates the need for a bulky and uncomfortable retrofitted denture.

Our full jaw “same day smile” dental implant treatment provides a durable and natural-looking solution for individuals wearing dentures, experiencing issues with missing, loose, or decayed teeth, or facing problems with their existing dental restorations.

With our approach, both the implants and the full jaw fixed prosthesis are fitted on the same day, as is the surgery to remove any necessary teeth. Instead of individual implants for each tooth, our custom-designed and bespoke dental prostheses consist of a one-piece bridge that is securely anchored by four to six implants per jaw. This comprehensive solution allows you to restore a healthy bite, achieve a natural-looking smile, and regain your self-assurance.

As well as offering single tooth replacement, we also specialise in providing solutions for patients who require complete tooth replacement. This includes individuals with no teeth or multiple missing teeth who currently wear dentures. Our treatment is also suitable for those with advanced gum disease, loose teeth, or teeth that have been extensively damaged due to severe decay or wear.

With years of experience in performing these treatments, we have developed a range of solutions tailored to each patient’s unique circumstances, considering the type and severity of their dental issues as well as their specific anatomical factors. This ensures that regardless of the complexity of the case, we have a suitable solution for every individual. We are privileged that many dentists entrust us with their most challenging cases, seeking our expertise and assistance.

  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 3
  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 4
  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 1
Nik & Tiny Tim

We are here to offer you assistance and are confident in our ability to help, even if your current dentist has determined that you are not a suitable candidate for dental implants.

  • Are you experiencing significant tooth loss or have no teeth remaining?

  • Has your dentist suggested that dentures are your only available solution?

  • Have you been informed that you are not a suitable candidate for dental implants?

  • Are you facing issues with failing dental work, such as crowns and bridges?

Nik & Tiny Tim
Tyler ChorleyTyler Chorley
18:52 15 May 23
What an amazing experience!!!!!After being knocked back so many times this company got me in straight away, I can not fault them.. if anyone has any worries concerns this company is the best place to go…. I suffer with major anxiety and social anxiety…. I was made to feel at ease immediately and the customer care / after care is amazing5 stars from me guys thank u so much for looking after me x
Emily LEmily L
18:50 15 May 23
An excellent service from this practice. Always a friendly welcome and pleasant experience. Friendly and professional staff who help put you at ease during treatments. I would recommend!
Nicola CooperNicola Cooper
15:08 10 May 23
Spoke to Kelly regarding whitening of my teeth and a chip in my front tooth that was really annoying me! She was BRILLIANT! Knew exactly what was needed to do with the minimal information I could give her, and gave me options for appointments that suited my diary! Honestly she was amazing. I saw Dimitrios and the work he has done makes such a huge difference! I would highly highly recommend Croft Dental Practice Wilmslow!
Peter SwinburnPeter Swinburn
16:58 14 Mar 23
The practice is now very well run and has recently undergone very extensive renovations.Theattention to detail by the owners, is second to none in every aspect of patient treatment and care.The Croft Dental Practice now possesses an exceptional and professional dentist, with anoutstanding backup team and my latest visits to the practice have produced an above level of care whilst completing treatment, coupled with sound advice from the team. I honestly canrecommend this practice highly, for all of the family. They get things done!
Dave TorrenceDave Torrence
13:59 09 Mar 23
I am quite anxious when I visit the dentist ,especially when I am having more than just a check up. I recently had a wisdom tooth removed by Dimitri and I couldn't thank him enough. His calm, relaxing and professional manner was very reassuring. Thanks again Dimitri.

Patient Transformations

We are proud to showcase the real-life transformations of our dental implant patients. Take a look at a selection of their before and after images below. Simply slide the images across to view more inspiring results.

  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 9
  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 8
  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 7
  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 6
  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 5
  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 2
  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 9
  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 8
  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 7
  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 6
  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 5
  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 4
  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 3
  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 2
  • Dental implants before & after wilmslow & Northwich 1

Our dental implant treatment is focused on restoring our patients’ smiles to a healthy and functional state. We prioritize long-term solutions and do not offer temporary dentures. Instead, we create a custom-designed, milled, and screw-retained prosthetic specifically tailored to each individual.

Thanks to our exceptional clinic setup, we can complete the entire treatment process in a single day. This means that you can leave our clinic with a brand new “smile-in-a-day,” having received the comprehensive treatment, prosthetic design, and fitting all within the same day.