The solution to ill fitting dentures and failing teeth.

This new and revolutionary modern dental implants system, often known as Same Day Teeth or Same Day Smiles, enables us to provide a new smile in just one day!

Say goodbye to ill fitting uncomfortable dentures or teeth that are failing, and walk away the same day with you confidence and smile back!

Key Benefits of Same Day Teeth

  • Single Day Procedure
  • Permanent Teeth (Be Free of Denture Discomfort)

  • Feel Confident & Self Assured
  • Precision Implant Placement
  • Experience a More Varied Diet by Comparison to a Complete Denture
Dental Implants Before and after 3
Dental Implants Before & After 1
Dental Implants Before and after 3
Dental Implants Before & After 1

Am I Suitable For Same Day Teeth?

If your not happy with your current dentures (they feel loose or uncomfortable), you have suffered severe tooth loss, or have crowns/bridge work that is failing, then same day teeth may be a suitable solution for you.

Book your free consultation today at my clinic in Northwich or Wilmslow to find out what options will be suitable for you.

Same Day Smiles

Same Day Teeth Process

Step 1


X-rays will be taken of your mouth and teeth and we will then take a mould of your jaw using impression material. This is what we use to make a custom removable denture. (a CT scan may also be required for the implants to be carefully placed).

Step 2

Implant Placement With Restorations

On the day of the same day smiles treatment, we will use a numbing local anaesthetic in your mouth and if you have opted for sedation, this will then be administered.

In typical implant procedures, the implants are placed, covered up and a temporary prosthesis (restoration) put back in the patients mouth. This is then followed by a healing period (of around 3 months) before the patient is fitted with their final set of teeth.

This is where Same Day Smiles differ – on the day of the implant placement, the final restoration will be fitted on the same day! Allowing you to leave with your new smile in just one day!

Step 3


Looking after your new teeth is very important. We will carry out an assessment of your new teeth to check the implant have integrated well. You may require slight alterations, which is normal, as every mouth heals differently following implant treatments.

Same Day Teeth Case Studies

Book Your Free Consultation

I want you to be happy and proud of your smile. I will work closely with you to truly understand your needs. In dentistry there is often multiple options available and there is no one size fits all approach. I will see you as an individual and will deliver a bespoke treatment plan to match your needs.

I will give you honest recommendations that are achievable & realistic.

I’m also able to offer treatments such as dentures, traditional bridges and crowns. Please do not hesitate to book your free consultation today to see how I can help you.